A word about “Amber Thweatt’s Writing Blog”

I find that writing on a blog freestyle can take a lot of pressure off of having to come up with content all at once. I can write a little at a time to tap into the creativity that doesn’t come around all the time.


2 thoughts on “A word about “Amber Thweatt’s Writing Blog””

  1. I was caught by your choice of painting to head up your blog. It seems to illustrate a narrative … But what?


    • triplegirl said:

      The painting is by Thomas Cole an American painter done around 1846. It’s hard to explain the profoundness his works generates especially someone who was painting that early in American history. I stumpbled upon his work at the National Art Gallery in Washington DC. He completed probably one of the most memorable series of works called the Voyage of Life which everytime my husband and I go to the gallery we just stand there and pick apart the symbolic meanings of each peice. So I had this idea that I would write a story based on these paintings but once I dug deeper into Cole’s works I decided instead to write about another of his series, Course of Empire which follows man as a society in whole through it’s enfancy to creating it’s own downfall.

      I wrote poems of sort for each of the paintings to get my own feel for it. I even wrote the Thomas Cole foundation to get permission to use the art as a story they actually really liked the idea. The painting I used for the blog is not in that series but to me it fits. That poem is on the blog called Two Youths which is the name of the painting. I think its all about the journey we all go through accepting the changes the world forces on you good or bad. Or maybe that work is a symbolism of myself, I love classic art and preservation of the old but at the same time I am a civil engineer who’s job is to change things. I think Cole felt the same way, he was very advanced in his beliefs and thoughts even back then but he loved his landscape and the arts of old and I appreciate that.


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