The weakness within is like that monster hidden in the old rooms of childhood
it peaks it’s ugly head out just as I fall into deep needed sleep
wrapping those sharp pointy scales in a cloak of false darkness
too often lately it has creeped into my dreams over and over
I know it is fear pretending to be weakness
coming out of the those old walls in forms of spiders and old cobwebs
at one point that loud voice shattered my silence like a flash bomb as
if it could blow every window out from the pressure
lately it has growled and chomped at my feet as I tumble down those old stairs
but over and over I return to the same place to the same monster
and yet I return home safe and warm no bites no scars
I know it is fear resonating from my days from what has become of me
and yet I return asking what are you, why not leave me be?
You are a shadow of what was you do not exist in this world of mine any more
I trapped you there, up those stairs in those rooms long long ago
you try to poke through when I am most vulnerable but those hands can only
reach in the darkness of my dreams no in my days
so no longer how far you go I can go further