The artist had taken upon himself two apprentices

His commissions had become too great to handle alone

The city had grown too fast, too busy to keep up
The young boys favored the artificiality of the city
Thus it was time to leave behind such falsehood
For something far more real than either could imagine

To create life you must experience it
To create life you have to escape beyond the walls of advancement
Breathe the mother of gods into your lungs and down to your soul

Their hearts beat rapidly as if the foreign land sucked the air
From their lifeless shell

Each one pointing out how artificial the city seemed far in the distance
Each one quoting some forefather that once stood on this hill
And looked down on the sea with wild eyes and excitement

If only each one of them only once stood in that very spot
Would the city breathe life and desire as it once did

Maybe oh maybe these young boys may save this land
Maybe there was hope to bring back to the people

Or would they paint and create what probably would be
The reality of advancement of man and being