The tendrils slither through time and space
mocking gravity and how the universe moves in its elegant dance

The stars bend and fold closer and closer to each other until they almost touch
A single hand reaches out to find some one’s lost love with only a breath to
remember them by

The strings that bind
the ring that holds a very deep secret

The desert whispers voices of long forgotten foes
it too holds mysteries that need to be locked away

The threads grow weak and demons cross the path
the gods are not finished with you child of mine
your last breath was your first so breath deep the air of your people

the journey will encompass you, swallow you whole
each moment tearing you apart only to allow the
universe to put you back together again as you were
as you should have been

He will come for you, or has always been there by your side
the demons thrusted the sword through his heart
a dagger of impossible deceit can you breech the
binds that ties all life to war

grab hold of the strings that bind
the journey is long
forgive me child of the gods