His commission was higher than ever imaginable
But the presentation had to be perfect
For so long they lived alone building and progressing
And now the others were coming
He held his fears to himself
Nothing good could come from showboating
The goals of the forefathers were simple
Their lives even more so
However the children would think differently
Prove to the others how strong they had become
Prove how all this greatness they earned
The Architect looked out over the sea
He imagined how the first man felt as
He made claim to this beautiful shore
How horrible it would be to design something
So wonderful yet to have it one day stolen or
Worse to crumble to the bottom of the sea
To the left he saw steeples and chapels rising to the gods
To the right wondrous places of learning and advancement
And all around citizens could wonder in bliss and peace as they
Smelled the honeysuckle and roses
He laid back on his blanket and stared at the clouds above
They swirled in and out of shapes like gods frolicking in the sun
That same sun drenched warmth all upon his shoulders and down
To the blanket spread upon the marble
Here in the center of all life he began to paint and design
Great colors would dash across the canvas
Later he would put it all on paper, design each corner of the city
Until it was absolutely perfect
Then they would come and marvel at what we have wishing
They had followed in our steps and not their own