I have lost myself in the void of internal confusion
The rights and wrongs of selfish fulfillment
The crystal ball broke along the way spewing
Its potion all along the floor
My eyes are glued shut to avoid flame
My feet will burn for sure as I run across the coals
But I feel the heat may wake up my soul
And force the issue I tend to avoid
Do I stay and stifle the strength I fought so hard for
Or do I walk the plank, reach into the void and
Finally understand myself?
The big bold world is out there calling, whispering to me
No better time than now
No room left in my heart for sadness or fear
Only enough to battle the demons and ghosts
I’ll dig a hole and shove them in
Wipe the sand from my palms
Click my heels and close my eyes once more
And imagine all the possibilities ahead,
No more planks, no more restraints
Only blue skies