Sometimes I just want to walk out that door and never look back. Maybe go back to the city or even head south to the beach, they say those creatures hate the heat. But then so do I and that’s why I am here down in this freezing hole dishing out orders to civilians. I’m use to soldiers who know how to listen and take orders. Instead I have an army of drug dealers and militia radicals. 

 The doc keeps my men and women alive but I am pretty sure he has something else driving him and it’s not saving our lives. He has an odd sensitivity to those half Vetela breeders but I’m not sure why. He doesn’t speak much and spends most of his time in those labs. I hate going down the place is creepy. When we first moved in here, we knew it was something special for the governments last stand. There are more nukes underneath us than the rest of the world leaders combined. 

 Obviously someone knew the Vetala were a scary bunch of assholes. But that didn’t prepare us for what was left in those laboratories. The doc seemed to know more about what happened there than he put on but I wasn’t about to ask. It appeared that the government knew about the Vetala long before they tried to inseminate themselves into human populous. I had suspicion that even our own government may have had something to do with creating the half breeds but that was all said and done bbefore I was even born. 

 My focus was now on keeping the hundred or so people on this base alive and if that wasn’t the case then I had the right to call it all off. They asked me to be in this position saying I was what was left of our own military but really all I am is a farm boy from Texas. Sometimes I can feel them swarming out there knowing we are here held down. Thanks to the United States government we had enough food and supplies for a hundred years if we wanted.