Trust no one

Now that’s not exactly true, there are those who are pure in the mind that will never betray you

But there are others who can’t help themselves

In their heart they want to protect you and save you but their meaning is so false that only those

high above can see right through the tangling web of deception and betrayal these are your true enemies

Their hands led by the sorcery of blessings and holy grail of purity

Those who you trust are ones that know in their own heart they will burn in the belly of hell for their mistakes and lack of moral composure

How can you trust such beastly masks of humanity?

Because you will walk hand in hand with them down into the whales mouth breathing the same sign of relief that all is not perfect and never had you lied in the face of the sun of perfection

Those who redeem themselves almighty should ditch the masks of falsehood before the devil himself takes aim at their own troubling past which only they try and forget

Their lies and demonic actions will bring us all down that road no one wants to travel for the sake of what?

I will place my trust in those who know their path and travel it with their heads hung high guns blazing