Sometimes I wish Sister could not read my mind. She gets pissed when I’m mad at her, even before I’m mad. But she’s the best back up ever and her long shot is amazing. I’d be proud to go down fighting with her more than any other. I worry because ever since Lucy left she’s been talking about dying more. Lucy could always make Sister feel better about our situation but she’s been gone for weeks and no sign of returning. I told Sister we needed to move on, the Vetela were getting smarter every day and they could hear our thoughts at night while we slept. Sister and I never talk about our dreams but we can hear those things talking nonstop. It’s not like I don’t miss Lucy too. She’s like one of us, outlawed by everyone. But Lucy had to leave us and find a cure. None of us want to be one of them, we didn’t choose to be this way, I’m even sure that our parents didn’t have a choice when they did this to us but I can understand the fear. Lucy said that the government agreed to mix their blood with our mothers to create some super creature in return the government would sacrifice a percentage of the population to the Vetala. The Vetala were nothing but puppets more like zombies and easy to kill. But they listen well, the eyes and ears of their masters. They do the dirty work while their masters stay behind closed doors.

Sister knows more about the truth, her and Lucy did most of the research while the rest of us guarded what was left of human culture. Lucy said it was important to hid what ever we could find that symbolized what it meant to be human. Our race would survive, well at least the human race, Sister, Lucy and I are a race I hope does not survive through this, for I fear it could eventually be the end of humanity.

The Rakshasa preyed on humnities fears of death and destruction for their own empowerment. Now humans believe we are like them because we have transformed into something that is outerworldly. I don’t have the urges they have but I have grown stronger day after day. I fear though that those urges may come one day, it has happened to others.