I am the first and will be the last, and when that is the case there will only be me and my children. They will come to me eventually, the drugs will vanish and they will lose the ability to say no. That is the way to conquer the one that desires my death. With the desire to send my darlings back behind that wall of stone. How dare humanity dictate who lives or dies? They are afraid of her, I say let her come to me and we can see who is the strongest. I will thrash the remaining human existence into a pulp of bloody mass and feed my children what they want. But all I see right now are those blasted white wings torturing my sleep grinding at my nerves. Go away go away or come to me and stop your chattering, which ever so I walk this earth without your demons of hope and faith. Can’t you see you are like me, broken from the start. they were suppose to love me not you, Why weren’t you cast away like some disease some experiment. They knew she’d leave me hopeless and alone, I was nothing to her but if she could only see me now the damage I have done to this world. Yes there are others, they have done the same but I am the queen and their children respond to me and love me, no army could stop me and she will fail as well.