We call them Vetala. Of course there are many kinds that we know of but together we just group them together as Vetala. Wikipedia described a vetala (Sanskrit), or baital, is a vampire-like being from Hindu mythology. The vetala are defined as spirits inhabiting corpses and charnel grounds. These corpses may be used as vehicles for movement (as they no longer decay while so inhabited); but a vetala may also leave the body at will.

We thought it cheesy to call them zombie-vampires because they are unlike anything else imaginable in a horror movie. My name is Lucy and the rest of our gang has chosen me to begin our story because I have lived deeper in this human tragedy than anyone else. The year is 2080, some month, some day which we’ve lost count. The human population, that is those who do not live as puppets to the Vetala or walk dead with the blood of the Vetala flowing through their veins, is approximated at around 100,000. A few years ago it was double but the Vetala were able to break through two additional cities infecting most of the people they came across.

Now we huddle together in smaller groups, most of us far below ground or barricaded up in cities that have already fallen. The Vetala send out their strongest in search of what remains of human existence as if they can only feel successful if all of us are dead or converted. It is amazing how some people have survived, many I have to question since their actions of stupidity and poor behavior I would think would make them great targets as a Vetala dinner.

I haven’t had the time to sit and write down our story, most of us have split up for now in search of food and especially ammo. I however have been in search of a well stocked medical laboratory. See there are a few of us who may hold the key to staying alive even if infected and figure out a way to destroy the Vetala or at least send them back where they came from which my assuption is Hell.

Here’s the story as I know it. At first when the Vetala set their eyes on the human prize they believed the only way to begin the infection which would either turn a human into them or a mindless slave to use as dinner was to infect women who were pregnant. Those first humans died soon after child birth leaving children with no initial sign of infection. Aside from above average intelligence their appearance was nothing less than ordinary. This frustrated the Vetala that the infection stopped their so they went to phase two and either killed every human or infected them, stole their body or ate them.