Death is a thing that runs in the night chasing and chasing until the sun shines its light
Life cloaks my every move as if it knows death cannot run as fast as me
I can weave and dodge faster than any devilish demon being clever was never their strong point
If they only knew how they created me
Designed me like some fashionable dress
Each stitch so delicately sewen and tied at the ends
I think faster than them and desire for life and breath harder than any man
These things can stop a bullet if necessary but it cannot turn back time
Time is the only thing we do not have something the devil stole from us deep in the night
My heart is like theirs pounding so strongly when the stars don’t shine and the moon doesn’t glow
When their eyes turn so cold and black that only their breath breathes warm upon your back
We have to run faster each day straight to the worlds end and back again
Their sharp claws will weaken and crubble with each stab we prick
And I will run faster and faster ahead of the rest salvation so burned into my soul