He stands along the shore, the ocean waves lapping at his bare feet
This land so foreign to his own
This is the air of his very own ancestors he can almost smell each and every mistake

There is very little resemblance to the art of old that escaped
Some landmarks completely indistinguishable by the human eye
For so long they feared facing the truth
For so long they only wished to forget
But that is what these people did and sees how the circle of man failed them

He could not forget not after being on this shore staring up at the mountain god
There was no complete return to this place
It was more of a monument a testimonial to how man could not handle the
Sheer power of nature and the gods themselves

He wanted to study everything, touch everything
If he felt what his ancestors felt then maybe he would learn how to be more than human
So far from this place people learned to be one with nature to be of nature
If not to preserve the human race

Remember what we once were
The birds cry in the distance each one settling into their rightful place
How long ago did man have a place, where was the beginning?
This land was not the creation only one step in our own evolution
One day we will understand how to harness all that is around us

But this was not the time and nature harnessed and destroyed us
The man saw what needed to be seen, he needed to repeat the art
The people needed to know before growing forward harnessing their own strength

The crumbling of the falsehood was beautiful and made his eyes weep
Some may cry in sorrow but his sorrow had been buried in the rubble of his ancestors
His home so far away would not have been if not for this mistake and the mistakes before
Children cannot learn if their parents do not show how to make mistakes