His eyes so tired the events outside occurring so quickly
Oh how they rebel rouse down the street and back
He refuses to intermingle with their desires and needs

The city of gold and glimmer is a trophy of man over nature, over the gods themselves
Out of his window the road weaves and slithers to the very peak of the great mountain god
Each stone has covered all that the great builders saw as they stepped upon this soil

Trees scatter the skyline as a token a medallion of past serenity
His mind focuses again to the street
Do these fools comprehend the gravity of what they have done?
This is not progress

This is humanity descending down the mountain of morality
His job is just to record and observe
He quotes versus of past masters but no one listens
His ancestors cry in the night yelling and screaming for them to stop

The others say we have no enemies and the sky is the limit
We came from the sky he knows the fathers brought us here to the mountain god
They left their mistakes their evil desires
But man will be man and we will see how the circle of desire spins into chaos