What is it about human nature that turns one upon one another. How can a human feel passionate about murder as if it were love or emotional desire. People can go from acceptance of differences to violent rage. Do we not feel the evil within that our bodies and minds have been sacrificed to? We are not animals with an inability to say no to such basic instincts yet we do so.

Could changing history change the future’s idea of war and victory? The present desire of a government or country to look pretty on tv after an attack on an enemy. This only came about after World War II and the bombing of Japan. The United States and Allies worked under the veil of peace with the back drop desire to rule the world as they saw fit.

Could it only be right that Faith fall into the grasp of a time and place of which was a pivot point in humanity and how the world saw war and peace.

When is murder a necessary evil? Who has the right to make that choice? Whose life means less than another? How do you determine the evil within? Is it the evil within that forces one to make the decision to fight another who is no more evil than themselves?

Every war the United States has entered has been backed by political agenda? If the United States is not stopped from it’s political upheaval will the world ever be at peace? How many factors would have had to be removed to stop the world’s destruction and end the chaotic spiral of evil’s birth?

              What if the only way to save humanity was to change how events occurred in the past? What if you were the only person who could commit the gruesome murders of the most evil people throughout all history? What kind of person would you be?

Bella couldn’t keep her mind off what had to be done that evening. She had been thinking about it for weeks. For a long time she had let it slip through her mind, maybe because worrying about something that had to come to pass was senseless and only wasted valuable time.

              From the time she was twenty she knew this day would come. The Keepers explained it so well. It’s not like she didn’t know she was different but the things they asked of her were quite extraordinary and somewhat bizarre. Over time she accepted their explanations of why she had to work for them. They said the things she did were for the betterment of all humanity on Earth and far away on planets not even known by those on Earth.

              These Keepers believed they had been given orders from other Keepers in the future who had returned to the past to change their own present events. Terrible things had happened in the future, that were unspeakable even among the Keepers.

              But what did Bella have to do with these things? They told her that the original Keepers created her from the purest of all elements. Her soul was untouched by the evil within the human race. She was an instrument of good against evil.

              There were things the Keepers kept from her. The original Keepers believed that in order for Bella to fully function as needed and change what the Keepers believed were crucial points of history she could not be overwhelmed by the deeds she did in the past.

The problem with their plan originally was that there were multiple events spanning hundreds of years just on Earth. Each event had to remain pure and separate from each other. Only the Keepers from each time period knew what Bella needed to accomplish.

              With a pure soul Bella could not feel the remorse of her actions but only if she could not remember the events from previous times. This was the part that Bella had the most difficult time with. The Keepers could tell her only that with each life she had lived, she had succeeded in one step of saving the human race.

              Even if they explained to Bella that this process had been performed on her hundreds of times before, the sickening feeling in her stomach would not cease. She had lived thirty five years and now she was essentially walking into her own death. She was not afraid really, but the idea of giving up the life she knew to be reborn again was hard to take.

              This was the Keepers’ way of preserving the only pure soul they could produce after thousands and thousands of experiments. In the future human kind had crossed paths with the most horrible evil ever imaginable. They had met an evil that had grown inside the human race over thousands of years of propagation.

              By the time the future had arrived there was nothing pure with the human soul, nothing to combat the evil that could control every single human. The only hope of the human race was to go back to the past with purity on their side. But how could something so good have the ability to kill without mercy? Without the natural passions of humans who have lived through generations of war and anguish, a creature such as Bella could search through the past and wipe out the evil before it grew too strong.

              The day Bella was created, the scientists involved dropped to the floor and wept. They had almost given up on their mission, given into the evil that knocked on their door. The Devil that day had sent his greatest henchmen to finish the deal. There had been a spy among them who had squealed straight to the top. But the Devil was too late.

              The human race knew that day would come when no more would they think on their own or breathe without fear of hell reigning down on them, until that day. The scientists could feel it in the air. They knew what they were doing was unnatural and even God would not save them from their sins but something had to be done.

              They did not know who originally came up with the idea. How did they believe that only the purest of beings could bring down the Devil himself? Everyone that had fought against him had failed because their souls failed them in the end.

              But how does one create something pure and complete, playing God? They reached out into the heavens, as far as humans had traveled. They reached into the past trying to find the first human cell, where purity began. How many years before they would discover where man had originated? Where did the ancestors of Earth go or even come from? But what they had found were remains, hidden away for so very long.

              The Devil could not see that the humans understood about the past and how they held in their hands the first origins of human life. They put together the greatest minds to figure out how to use the seeds given to them by God. They reached out to religious leaders, historians and military men hoping to put together all the knowledge to let life begin again.

              For so long genetics were deemed evil and wrong but the scientists finally talked and talked until someone listened. Before they all became slaves to the Devil and his minions, they had to fight back, even if it took doing things never considered before in human history. Creating man by man was sinful and never allowed no matter what advancements had taken place.

              What evil could come about when messing with God himself? How can one control such a creature once it walks Earth? But none of this mattered with humans heading for slavery or even extinction. They knew the ruins found so far from Earth were that of human ancestors, the DNA such a pure form of human.

              There were no diseases found in any strand, no mutations leading to ruin. In the future humans were doomed from birth. Their weakness came from within and out. Their minds ate at the body and the Devil walked right in and took what he wanted. But these ancestors had the ability to fight the Devil and nature. The scientists felt sick that the human DNA had faltered so harshly. They were jealous of the ancient humans, how strong and brilliant they had been.

              But it was man that had faltered the human linage. In the past they had let evil take over humankind and human life. What if they could return back to the beginning and stop the evil, find the Devil in his beginning form and break him down piece by piece? But they needed the strongest of his opposite.

              They wished for a while that the human ancestors would return to their beginning world and help would arrive but that was a fantasy. What was not a fantasy was all the science and technology that backed the human race even in the future. All they needed was permission to break nature’s law and take ashes of the human race and create life again.

              There wasn’t much left of the ancestral world. The discovery was really only by accident. But what they found was a well of artifacts and extraction of the most important DNA every discovered. When they were given the go ahead to proceed on operation Purity they know there were only twelve strands of DNA left after hundreds of years of preservation.

              The scientists knew that such a task would not be easy nor would it happen overnight. DNA was fragile and no one had ever cloned a human even if it was rumored so many times. Rebel scientists who had been locked up for trying to do so had been removed from prison and set to the task they had desired for so long. Priests were posted with the scientists with some fear that if God was not involved, the creature would be drawn to the Devil himself.

              Over and over they failed and they could not understand why. Everything was there, everything was correct. In the end there was one strand of ancient DNA left. All was doomed and nothing could stop the destruction of man. As they worked on the last strand, a female scientist began to cry. She feared for her family and a family she wanted to raise in a peaceful world.

              Her tears fell silently on the table as she worked and into a dish unknowing to anyone else. Her pain and sadness penetrated the tears and blended in the DNA. What was missing in the process was now present and a miracle could finally occur, as if God himself came down to Earth and heard the tear fall.

              No one expected what would happen could happen the way it did. Their initial intentions were as any ordinary cloning. A child would have to be raised and they would have to see if the child could prove to be strong, like the ancestors once were. But they did not understand the birth of original life.

              Purity came from the beginning of all elements. This life did not come from ordinary human life but from untainted cells and untainted souls. The DNA unraveled and uncoiled and turned on itself. It converted and dissolved and reemerged over and over, swallowing up more and more energy from the room and all around. Power surged and dissipated miles and miles away.

              The scientists passed out as the child sucked more life from the air until the process was complete. When the scientists woke, they heard the most beautiful noise ever, a baby’s cry. They had accomplished what only God himself could do, they had created human life.

              They coddled the child and warmed her. There was such a great peace in her heart that humans had not felt for a long time. Then the scientists feared for the child’s life. If the Devil found out what they had done, he would come after her. When she was older then she could defend herself but as a baby or a child there were no defenses.

              The child would be named Bella and as far as anyone else was concerned she was the child of one of the scientists, hidden far from evil eyes. When the time was right she would be sent back with someone to the past to begin the process of removing evil from mankind in hopes to kill the Devil before he got to the future they knew.

              And here was Bella, she had lived hundreds of years, skipping time when necessary, erasing history in order to destroy evil. It was time for her to leave again, she knew that it was important but each time had worn on her. She could remember some things. There were people in her memories she wished she could touch again. She was still human and had feelings, when she found time anyway. The Keepers pushed her to avoid such tendencies but there were some things she could not stop.

              Bella did not communicate with the Keepers often. They gave her orders and produced as much information as possible to complete the task. She felt inside that the men feared her, or felt distaste in her own creation. They were religious men, she could see it in their souls. Deep inside they felt her existence was wrong and sinful. They felt eventually God would punish them for tampering with the divine creation of man.

              Bella tried not to think about her creation. She felt no hate within her soul, not even towards herself. If anything she felt like an instrument of someone else’s desires and motives. That was just how it went, no questions asked, until recently.

              The Keepers feared that the years had worn on Bella and they were right. How many years could she jump before all the deeds done came back to her? As the years past their processes of sending Bella ahead to the future had become more complicated, as did the missions assigned to them and Bella.

              Humankind grew harder and harder to control as they traced through the past heading into the future. The Keepers had lived as many lives as she had but they had been given the mission knowing what was at stake. Bella only knew what they told her and the few memories that escaped the processes.

              Sometimes there were those who tried to get in the way. The Keepers also had duties and deeds they performed even in regret. It was Bella’s job to rid the world of evil not theirs, but it was their job to make sure she survived to live each life assigned to her.

              In the beginning Bella knew everything. In her first life the scientists and priests explained to Bella that the Devil had taken over the universe. Mankind had released him from Hell because their evils and misgivings had become too strong to control. The goodness in man had to flee into hiding to be preserved for a fight that would have to occur eventually. They explained to her that they had created her from DNA of human’s very first ancestors. She was not created by God. There was nothing Godly about her.

              In the many years Bella lived she believed in God, even if she was created by man. God to her was pure and honest, and she saw this in the humans she touched in the past. She felt sorry for man, because God had deserted them and left them to contend with the Devil alone. But maybe they weren’t alone and God had sent a persecutor against the Devil and his evil.

              Never did Bella ask if she could stop running, stop jumping each time. The process had become more painful as she pushed closer to the evil that grew stronger in man. It was harder to stabilize herself into a new form and fall back into her mission.

              Bella refused to talk to the Keepers about her desires to be human and to stop moving forward. She feared the future would be the same as when she left. Humans refused no matter what she changed in the past to not give into their desires and sins. The evils she came across were getting stronger and eventually she would have to face the Devil himself.

              No matter what occurred each time, Bella trusted the Keepers. She had no reason not to trust them. But then her world became confusing. Things had been so clear and simple. There were events and people that had to be stopped or even erased. The scientists of the future had researched the past and produced a time line for Bella to live. When she was done and her mission complete, the future would be altered for the betterment of man.

              But then she started to think for herself. If all went as planned, in the end she would not exist. There would have never been a need for her existence. What if something went wrong that the scientists could not predict? What if there were events missing in the history books of the future? How could they possibly understand what went wrong with humankind? What if something good in the past was the consequence of something bad occurring? There were too many variables to consider.

              What if what Bella was doing was only strengthening the power of the Devil? All these thoughts ate at her. Maybe this was why she feared for the first time of jumping. Or maybe it was Jonah. He entered her thoughts way too much recently. Their relationship had lasted longer than any before.

His existence in her life meant something but she didn’t understand. At first when they met his curiosity in her life made her mistrust him. Jonah just popped into her life like a spark. She feared the Devil sent him back to protect his assets. But nothing in him was evil and when she reached inside his soul he was as pure as her.

Bella felt a connection to Jonah, like she had always known him. She refused to believe anymore that his intentions were bad and she gave him trust unlike any before. In reality the only person Bella could ever trust was Jonah, it may be too late for her to understand but he had his own mission.

There was nothing Jonah could do to stop Bella from jumping ahead again. The hundreds of years of jumping had broken him but his superiors insisted he keep following her. Each time Bella forgot who he was, his memory not strong enough for her to hold on. Each time he tried to implant information to protect her against destruction. It saddened Jonah that he loved Bella more and more and she could not remember, or could she?

The Keepers did their job of sending her forward, but they had everything all wrong. It was stupid to think that changing the past could stop the evil rising. This was not what the ancient humans had intended. It was true they had left behind a part of themselves hoping their past would understand what to do with it.

How could they understand the past enough to try and change it? So much of their past history had been lost and so much of it was so untrue. Jonah was sent back just the same as the Keepers to watch over the ancient human seed. The Ancients also believed that Bella was the answer against the Devil but not as the Keepers understood.

All too often the Keepers turned against Jonah not understanding his intentions. It was important that they not know who he was, not even Bella. She had been talking about going away, leaving him again. She pushed more about trying to confide in him but she could never break down her own walls enough to spill it all to him.

He tried hard to push her, hoping that if she could be honest to him, then he could push his leaders to allow him to speak his truth. They feared that Jonah had gotten too close and threatened to send someone else. But he explained to them that he believed Bella was beginning to understand too much, more than the Keepers wanted.

She was remembering bits and pieces of the things she had done.

“She speaks of things in her sleep. It’s an unconscious memory bulging out of her mind. The processes done by the Keepers have become sloppy.”

“How dangerous will it become if she breaks the wall completely?”

“Then I will have to take over the mission. The Keepers succeeded for hundreds of years in keeping the truth from Bella. Their dishonesty had allowed her conscious to remain clean and clear of regret.”

“But if she remembers?”

“She will have to fight through the regret. Two layers of disturbing the past is very dangerous but it is my belief that if she becomes any more human and has a greater understanding of her past and origin I will have to interfere.”

“Jonah we will discuss this and report back to you. For now jump forward and start over.”

“I believe this will be the last time we jump. A second will surely kill her.”

“We agree. But the death and rebirth is the only way to push her forward to the future. Like it or not her actions have cleared a path for our existence. She has to jump. Her next task is the most important yet.”

Jonah had other thoughts that went against his superiors. He didn’t believe that any of the deeds committed had any good influence on the future. There had to be a different way to save humanity from its own destruction. All of Bella’s actions dictated by the Keepers had begun to destroy her and Jonah feared she would not live to see any benefit of her actions.

But Jonah did as he was told, as one of the last remaining human beings to live in the universe. He had to preserve his own fate as best he could. He know because he did exist that Bella did something right, but he began to feel that maybe it was his influence that made things right.

Jonah believed that humans were fallible and changeable. Maybe killing people because in their future they were destined to be wrongdoers wasn’t the answer. Even evil people may do good deeds either before or after they go wrong. With each tampering of time and history no one, even the Keepers knew what implications had already been made.

Jonah’s people lived in a completely different time and place than Bella’s future. Time had warped so much due to the tampering the Keepers had done. It wasn’t until travelers like Jonah were sent into the alternate universes did they finally realize what was happening. The changes the Keepers had made in their own universe had shifted time and events in all the other alternate universes. The changes had varied depending on how alternate the universe was from that of the Keepers.

The effects on Jonah’s universe had been devastating. For thousands of years his people had lived peacefully, advancing their society into greatness. But then it was like evil had been dispersed upon them. The universe opened up a hole that could not be mended even by advanced humans such as them.

When they realized what had happened Jonah’s people decided to meddle themselves guaranteeing that whatever happened the consequences of the Keepers’ actions would be minimum in his own universe. It was the Keepers’ idea of course to send something so perfect as Bella into the past, but it was his own people that entered the alternate universe and planted their own DNA.

Jonah’s people were pure and their DNA was stronger than the watered down and broken DNA of the humans who created Bella. The original creation the Keepers sent into the past had no chance to succeed in such a mission. At heart the people of this crippled alternate universe did what they thought was right.

But with such weak resources they would fail miserably. If they failed in their attempt to change the past Jonah’s people might had been destroyed along with the humans of all universes.

There was a ripple in the continuum with the onslaught of the Devil’s power. How long would it have been before he found a way to enter into any alternate universe and conquer? Jonah’s people gave them credit that they at least tried to destroy the Devil before he could even exist.

Their original attempts failed from the beginning and evil accelerated at an even greater pace. The ripples were drastic and quick. Holes opened up in the continuum and the damage was irreversible. That was when Jonah’s people sent out scouts to find out what had caused such a manifestation.

Once his people discovered what had happened his people went to work trying to figure out how to reverse the damage. They believed the Keepers had the right idea and decided to use their theories. If they could send their own people into the alternate past and leave behind the resources they needed to create what the scientists originally wanted to send into their own future then maybe they could succeed and set all the universes onto the right path.

That is how the scientists came upon the pure DNA they used to create Bella. It was such a simple but complex plan. A human who had no fear or regret for a mission of such as importance as saving the human race could make it all work out. Jonah’s people had not been tarnished by the evils of other alternate universes and could provide the best chance of success.

His people did not trust such a task to be handled strictly by the Keepers. They had already proved before they could not fully handle such a task. Plus there was the question of their method’s of sending their pure warrior through time and making their marks as they went.

Skipping through time was dangerous. Tampering with anyone’s time period was a tricky business. Jonah’s people had been traveling through the various alternate universes for thousands of years. Their technology was advanced enough for them to understand time and space.

They had moved through time so secretly and quietly, appearing only as blip as they moved on. There were millions of alternations of the space that made up universes. Jonah’s people were lucky that they stumbled upon the Keepers when they did. The task could have been daunting and could have taken too long.

Jonah’s people chose him to follow Bella through her jumps to make sure she did not fail. His orders were to follow and not meddle. But then things did not go as the Keepers wished. They tried to control Bella and force her to live only as they wished. But made from the DNA of the most advanced human version, Bella was stronger and smarter than the Keepers. It was only time before she understood more about what led her to being a pawn by the Keepers.

Jonah’s superiors only wished for him to help her complete her tasks in hopes that the damage to the past and present was minimal. But he wanted so hard for Bella to understand more about the thousands of other universes that were controlled by the changes she was making.

The only way to know was to jump forward again and follow Bella. In the next future step he could decide whether he would interfere or let her walk into destruction.

Bella had said goodbye to Jonah the night before. Their relationship had grown more than she had wished but his warmth and love was something to fall back on after the things she had done. Never had she explained to him what she was and the actions she had taken. She had murdered children who would have grown up to be suicide bombers and dictators and villains. She had seen the future they had created and understood what had to be done.

Whether or not the future had been changed for the good not even the Keepers knew. All she believed and knew of Jonah was that he was an ordinary man who was lucky enough to fall for a killer for hire of sorts.

What Bella did not understand was that there were three forces following after her as she traced through the past. The Keepers had their orders from those of the future battling the Devil. Jonah had orders from the ancient humans who had battled the Devil long before and had fled from the evil, leaving behind only their own pure DNA. But there were others. The Devil had gotten wind of Bella’s existence and had his own demise to worry about.

The Keepers had always warded off the Devil’s soldiers but this only angered him even more. Bella had an ability to always stay one step of the Devil but how long could she keep it up? Would she eventually get stuck somewhere in the past with no way of returning to the future? The people of the past would become tuned to her crimes believing they had an ordinary murderer to find.

Most of the time Bella jumped long before they law realized who they were looking for. Many times they would never understand who she had killed and why. It was hard for Bella because many of her victims appeared normal and many times were so young. She tried to feel nothing for them even when they begged for mercy.

Bella knew what they would become and thought only of that. Never did she hesitate in her mission. Hesitation could cause great harm to the future she was creating. Each increment in the past did not seem to be phased by her actions. There was still evil and crime occurring in greater amounts and this alarmed the Keepers but they kept with their mission and pushed Bella forward.

There was no way to prepare for jumping into the future. It was the one thing Bella always remembered from one past life to the next. Preparing for such anguish and pain would only make things worse. The process the Keepers had developed to jump Bella was archaic compared to how Jonah moved through time. The Keepers were not advanced enough to understand the bending of time and space and their methods were not conscious of the pain it contorted upon Bella.

Each time Bella would die and her DNA unraveled and spliced, bended and bounded back together in some demonic fashion. Each moment her essence was unformed was a lifetime of mental agony. Out there in the universe her memories and soul searched for some resting spot to reconnect into something whole.

The Keepers had never figured out how to bring Bella back to some condition other than being reborn an infant. She would have to be raised to a point where they could explain to her again the mission at hand. This task was difficult and exhausting. This last time Bella tried hard to focus on who she was, hoping that somehow it would transfer with her as she stepped through the gates of death and into the rebirth however far into the future.

As Bella thought of Jonah she cried for her losses and promised this was the end of the jumping and the killing. The Keepers feared her desires and her feelings and worried that in the next life their tasks were going to be harder than ever before.

Then something went wrong in the process. The Keepers knew right away that something had tampered the time stream and for an instant Bella was gone. They would send word into the future that something had gone wrong but in the end they knew it was too late. Jonah watched in the darkness and knew too that something was terribly wrong. He did not have time to contact his superiors but flashed into time hoping that finding Bella would not be as hard as he imagined.

Someone else in the dark had figured out how the Keepers sent their precious savior into the future. By disturbing the path they had set so many time for Bella, she could be sent anywhere the Keepers could not find her. By sending her into an alternate future she could be tracked down and captured and eventually brought back to his master. No more would she kill off all that the Devil had accomplished in the past. Jonah figured someone on the Devil’s side had finally caught up with them. For a moment he felt anxious and dread flooded his mind.

Bella could be anywhere, how many universes would he have to search? But in the time stream he could feel a tug on his heart and he knew exactly where she was. He feared the state she would be in. The process had not been completed as normal. If she was reborn a child she would not have a Keeper in the alternate future to raise her into what she needed to become. There were too many unknowns and variables to consider.

Bella felt disoriented as she woke up on the cold wet pavement. The air smelled of acidic rain. The night air was cold and she felt even colder with the damp clothes. She realized the clothes were the same she wore right before the Keepers performed the rebirth process which had never happened before.

Bella began to question if the process had even occurred. How did she end up in the alley and what city was she even in? Once she had gained full motion of her body she moved towards the main streets in some hope of finding out where she was.

Nothing looked familiar, the roads looked all wrong. The clothes people wore reminded her of no where she had ever been. She spotted a news stand and hoped that the day’s paper would give some clue on where the Keepers had sent her. She was not prepared to make her way through some time without orders from the future.

As her fears mounted they would not be subsided from the information presented in paper form. This was no future known to her. The language was the same, but the news of the hour was all wrong. She fell back as the news read only of disaster and war.

“God has abandoned us young lady. You should be at home with your family as these last days arrive.”

“Why do you believe this is the end?”

“The Devil has come down and stolen souls, no because the rift has been opened above and we will be swallowed up by our own demise.”

“Such riddles are not funny.”

“The peace talks have failed. Such creatures as the Nazi Prime Controller will never back down. It’s as if the Devil has possessed his soul. We will all be tried and persecuted one by one until he has the human race as he desires.”

Bella looked at the date on the paper. August 3, 1950. Everything was all wrong. World War Two had not ended. But there was never a Nazi Prime Controller and Bella had murdered Adolf Hitler in the year 1900.

“Who is the Prime Controller?”

“Have you been in a coma child? Hitler of course, evil bastard, our military thought they had killed him but out of nowhere he just appeared.”

“Can I have this paper? I have left my purse at home and my father was expecting his evening paper.”

“Sure go ahead, without television or radio it’s hard to know what is happening out there.”

Bella thanked him and walked away into the dark. She wasn’t sure where to go. She tried hard to think about where she lived when she lived during that time, she only hoped that there were Keepers in this time and place to help her understand what was going on. Could it be that there were alternate universes with the same evil? There was no guarantee that an evil removed from one universe was removed from a similar but altered one.

The rain had turned to snow and the air turned crisp, if she did not find shelter, Bella would not make it for very many days. The paper did say it was August so something had changed the weather. Where ever she was, bad things had happened either by her own demise or because she had not done anything.

Eventually she found a shelter where they gave her clothes and warm food. This would be home for a while until she could figure out why she was brought there. As she laid in the dark with mothers and children weeping into the night, she too wanted to cry. What if she was trapped in this time and place? She could complete the same task she did in her own universe and kill Hitler but it felt hopeless. What of all the other evil humans she had killed in the past. They too would still exist here. She fell asleep with the only good thought, that of Jonas. His smile implanted in her mind with hopes of a good night’s sleep.

The morning sun had barely a chance to rise before there was a quiet commotion through the large room of sleeping families.

“Are you sure Sr. that your wife is here? We get so many women who have been displaced.”

“I am sure. We lost our home a few nights ago. I have been at the front and when I returned she was gone. Our neighbors said she had come here.”

Bella woke from a blur. She thought at first she had recognized the voice of the man but returned to sleep wanting only to rest more. But the commotion seemed to come more towards her and eventually the head nurse stood over her cot.

“Bella dear please wake up it is your husband. It’s time to go home child.”

How did she know her name and she didn’t have a husband?

“But there must be some mistake.”

“No child that man over there says he’s your husband, he has come home from the front.”

As Bella sat up she turned white in fear and anxiousness. Standing in the room was Jonas. But how could that be? He was from her other past. He shouldn’t have existed there. But he knew her.

“Yes oh my, he is my husband.”

Bella moved towards Jonas, not knowing what to expect. He leaned forward towards her to give her a kiss and as he did so he whispered in her ear,

“It will all be okay.”

“Do you have a place to go? We only have room for women and children right now.”

“We have relatives who have room in their home, we will be okay.”

Jonas wrapped Bella in his coat and they moved out into the morning air. Bella felt noxious, nothing was making sense to her. She wanted to know what happened in the rebirth. Most of all she wanted to understand why Jonas was here with her. As soon as they were out of sight of other people, she stopped and forced Jonas to explain.

“I’m not going anywhere with you until you explain, why are we here. What is this place or time even? None of this ever happened.”

“It’s happening here, on this world, this universe.”

Jonas paced back and forth. This was very bad. Someone had stopped Bella from moving forward and pushed her to some universe that had never been fixed by either the Keepers or his own people. He wanted to contact his superiors but there was no time.

“I wanted to explain to you so many times.”

“Explain what, who are you Jonas? Are you really Jonas?”

Bella wanted to cry, she had never felt this way before, and she felt betrayed.

“I wanted to explain to you what happens each time you do the Keepers’ bidding. Each time you jump your world is not the only one affected. How the Keepers failed so many times before they created you. How they almost destroyed my universe.”

“Your universe?”

“It was my people who supplied the DNA that created you. If it wasn’t for you I would have never been born. All the tampering the Keepers have done has caused time to warp on its self. There are so many universes that overlap each other, moving independently, this is just one of millions.”

“But that doesn’t explain why I am here. I don’t belong here on this world.”

“Someone has tampered with the Keeper’s process. Someone did not want you to jump forward.”

“Without the Keepers I have no way to return. I am stuck here. How do you travel through time, can you get me out of here?”

“I don’t know. We have a process of travel that is unique to our own DNA.”

“But you said my DNA came from your people.”

“But with the process the Keepers created for you to move through time has unraveled your DNA so much each time it is put back together you lose something. Too many more times and you would never come back together.”

“Do the Keepers know this?”

“Yes and they don’t care. Your missions aren’t working.”

“But what about all those people I have killed that were supposed to be evil and horrible. Hasn’t that changed anything?”

“Time is a complicated thing. Most of all the, Devil is stronger than all of us, except you. He knows this and has figured out what you have done. Most of all he knows there are places such as this that have not been mended. If a world such as this continues on this path, the Devil will grow stronger and stronger, eventually taking over your world and people.”

Bella felt hopeless. There were too many worlds. It was hard enough to fix her own universe and that mission had not even succeeded. The Keepers had failed and maybe made things worse. Maybe her people were supposed to die to save all others.

“I should have never been created. This is my entire fault.”

Jonas grabbed Bella by the arm. She was trying too hard to understand.

“No, that is untrue. It’s just that the Keepers have it all wrong. They tried changing too much. Your fears that you held back were true. Killing some can mean hurting the good. Evil is what it means to be human. The DNA that we all carry holds some aspect of evil, except you.”

“But I was always told I was unholy. A creation not by God was wrong, but had to be done.”

“No that is where they were wrong. You and only you were created by God. The only purest, single cell by God. All of the rest of us were created by man.”

“No that cannot be true. How can that be?”

“It is hard to explain, and a long story for another time. If you try to understand we will be here forever.”

Bella stopped asking questions. Nothing made sense and when she thought she had some concept of reality it all fell apart. Who created who, what universe was this, who were the Keepers really? And most of all how real was the Devil?

Bella wanted to help the people of this new world fight against the evil. If she could save one more, to make things right.

“Can we help these people?”

“I’m not sure how damaged this world is.”

Jonas did have an idea on why things appeared so bad. The poor people of this world had fought a terrible evil for a very long time. Evil had many years to bloom, nothing that Bella changed on Earth in her own universe had changed this one. In some aspects Jonas began to believe Bella’s existence had affected other universes positively.

Bella could see that Jonas was thinking. Her thoughts followed his.

“You believe he is here, this is his world, his domain?”

“Yes, this makes everything a little bit worse for us. We can’t trust anyone.”

“Can I trust you?”

Jonas understood Bella’s feelings. He had lied to her over and over.

“Do you remember any of your past lives? Thousands of rebirths over centuries on Earth? Bella I was there each time. The Keepers never supported you the way they should have. They treated you like a machine, a weapon for their own good.”

“What about you? Who are you?”

“Please let us just get somewhere safe and I will explain.”

Bella let out a nervous laugh. Was there really a safe place on this world if the Devil himself resided among the people? Would they find anything familiar with this world as in their own?

“I have a few ideas. Our people always create safe places on the worlds they visited. My ancestors have traveled to thousands of universes each like this one. If we are lucky we can find one of these places.”

Jonas prayed that his people knew where the Devil resided or at least at some point in time. It wasn’t somewhere anyone wanted to be. In reality the Devil’s men had brought Bella and Jonas to Hell.

“I now know what the man meant when he said “the Devil had come down.”


Abstract Art

              It was hard not to think of this new world as the Earth Bella knew. It was human enough and the time period seemed correct.

“They speak of Hitler even though he should already be dead.”

Even if things had not been changed by Bella, Hilter would have died on April 30th 1945 by his own hands. It had originally been planned that Bella assassinate Hiltler as a child. On her Earth she remembered watching him outside the window as his father beat him repeatedly for being such a poor excuse of a son. Bella admired the boy for having strong will, never showing a tear.

Somehow she had thought how wonderful a leader he could have been if something so terrible hadn’t gone wrong inside his soul. Then and their she somehow understood where the strings of life shot out across the universe, through the rifts of time and the evil grabbed Hitler by the arm and pulled him along.

In some sense Bella believed that Hitler began hearing the Devil in a time in the world when hate ran wild. Bella tried to understand why Hitler chose to follow and spread Anti-Semitism. Why did he believe that one group of people personified all that was evil in his world? The only answer could be that the Devil himself whispered deceit into his heart.

In this world Hitler’s right ear hung on the Devil’s tongue. To create such a monster to represent himself, the Devil creapt into the life of Hitler even as a child before he even knew how to hate. But Bella after so many times seeing into the past understood more and felt the significance of her new plight into this alternate world.

“We have to understand why fate has drawn us here.”

“Or it was just an accident or that Hell’s followers drug you here.”

“There is significance to this time, to these people. Once we have found the safehouse, I must locate a bible.”

“What we need are weapons.”

“The greatest weapon against evil are the right tools and the greatest knowledge.”

“What do you mean?”

“As much as one would bash the Bible, it is still one of the greatest means of historical knowledge and prophecy to date. We all know the Devil is real, the heavens are real, maybe not as these people understand but you should know, the final battle was your own, correct?”

He understood. His ancestors were of the Earth Bella tried to save. These men held to their faith for thousands of years and prospered even when the universe tried and tried to defeat them.

“Even if all of humanity were not Semites they were the birth of Christianity. Their words alone took down religions after religions throughout the world, even those that proved to be false. It was the Devil who told Hitler to take down the Jews in the name of God. Hitler was always a weapon.”

“So what you are saying that in this world the Devil is trying again to exterminate my people?”

“Exactly. He couldn’t in the other universe, I stole that chance from him, he lost his footing. But here he brought me here to defeat me, in some hopes of regaining the leverage he had before, you yourself said that there are only a few of you left, only a few humans surviving. What if he loses then humanity will live forever. If not our existence will vanish with no trace.”

“But couldn’t he just keep doing this? One day you and I will just not exist because we failed.”