She whispered into his tiny ear, his breathe so shallow and cold
She rubbed his bruises the red had turned to plum
Even in his sleep his heart mourned
A fortress of misery walled up each day
His skin would grow tough inside and out
she knew this and understood the consequences of a father’s actions
The father’s demise haunted the future of all mankind
but still she whispered as a mother did to a child
take care of your youthful heart and the peace that you were born with
no evil from a broken soul can tarnish the brilliance of such strength and glory
I have seen the future and all haunts my slumber and should yours
take not the road of fate or that which the universe has predicted
you are not destined to your evil tendencies break from the Devil’s taunts
this she whispers every night in hopes that so far from here the universe may change
plucking that evil stinger from the child’s wounds
lick the poison from man’s desires
salvation comes not from death and murder but from truth of what will be
does not have to be