This was not the place she wanted to be stranded. Melveca could become a very unfriendly place for members of the Sheda clan. The Melvaca chose not to partake in being members of the federation because they despised the Sheda and Borva. All these clans forever feuding over good and bad lands, fighting over whole planets and partial moons. Sheda such as herself were allowed on Melvaca and other worlds that chose not to side with Sheda and Borva but they were restricted in where they could go and things they could do.

Marisa tried to tread quietly when she was on Melveca which proved to be difficult since her father Lord Byron was currently president of the federation that held shipping embargoes on any planet or clan that did not give to the federation. Marisa didn’t necessarily agree with these terms but that were clan ways no matter what side you were on. These clans were thousands of years old each one so very different. Alliances shifted back and forth but forever two clans the Sheda and Borva were the strongest because they had the ability to control.

The other clans either chose to make uneasy peace with the Sheda and Borva or force them out where they could. Decrees had become more over bearing since Marisa was a child, since her father had become President. In the past presidents were from other clans, ones who wavered back and forth. Never had a Sheda held court until her father. She wasn’t sure about her father and his ways. She kept herself far from his keepings.

Marisa grew up in eyes of the court until her mother died and she was sent off to boarding school. That place was a miserable excuse of education for children of parents hiding behind wealth and politics. That was clan ways. Some could fool themselves to believe each clan had some equal part in how the universe spun but she knew the truth. Her eyes saw the back alley deals clan against clan, even those a part of the federation or not.

That is why she treaded lightly. Marisa knew how information traveled just like she knew how material goods passed from one planet or another. Information was a dangerous commodity and she knew how to find it and sell it. Sometimes though what she found put her and her clan in danger and those lines she had to cross made for hard decisions. Children of clan leaders had to make their own path through life and this was her path unpopular or not. Her father would not be president forever and the Sheda  would fall out of favor.

Working on Melveca proved to be more difficult than most non federation worlds because of their even more harsh penalties for using Mentas while on their planet. There had always been a discrimination against Mentas because only two clans could perform which gave them an advantage. Sheda and Borva clans believed that it was their clans which brought them out into the universe because their level of mental capabilities were so much more advanced. Other clans believe they were genetically created by the first humans and they were not pure. Either way if you sided with the Sheda and Borva, it didn’t necessarily mean you cared for them.

When Marisa grew into her Mentas abilities, she would ask her mother where this ability came from and why some of her friends could not do the same. She would tell her mother how afraid some of the other children were of her. She never used her abilities to harm others, she never forced her friends to do things or read their minds, this was not allowed in school because not everyone were what they called second born. First born were normal humans with no mental abilities, they could not Mentas just like the first humans on Earth, where everyone came from.

The stories tell of the first borns who traveled out into the inverse but needed help getting there, they needed more knowledge to get them further out into the rim of space. There were ten original clans, and each split down the middle the original Sheda and Borva that guided them to the worlds they knew today. In those beginnings the Sheda and Borva had less rights as the others, they were not slaves but they were there for a purpose. They weren’t there to lead in government, they were there to make sure mankind found a new home in the stars.

No one knew what would happen to the Sheda and Borva once humans found new homes. It was not their jobs to make sure the clans kept peace, they were thinkers and doers, constructors of technology that would guarantee that mankind survived. Never were they allowed to use their mental abilities against the first born. This was deemed unjust by the firstborn and for thousands of years any Sheda and Borva caught performing Mentas of any kind against first born were terminated.

No it was year 1265 based on All Clan Decree and a Sheda held the high position of President, an elected position. Some where in the 1265 years that humans settled down on their first five planets the original laws that held the Sheda and Borva to serve the other clans faded away into old tales. There were some who held their prejudices that passed from father to father. An inherit distaste for what they believed were unnatural creatures who could become rabid if left uncontrolled.

Shenda and Borva they said were too clever and tricky, secretive in nature. This could be true for many. They were programmed to think and not be irrational. When humans decided to spread out away from Earth they knew human nature could destroy their chances even before they arrived. No one wanted the fate of the human race held in the hands of androids. They were too unpredictable and the fear of them taking control overruled any chance of their design.

Creating a genetically modified race of man could guarantee the human factor was still in control but they could design each person to be the most efficient at what was necessary to carry thousands of humans millions of miles away from the only home they had ever known. Every aspect of life from start to finish could be monitored to the tee and it was, from every sleep cycle to wake cycle the ships kept going and humans did something they had never done before, they became pioneers of space and time. Marisa’s father reminded her over and over as a child that none of this could have ever happened without the Shenda and Borva.

But why were there two clans for all the rest? They say it was because of the differences in introverts and extroverts the differences between calm and irrational. There were engineers, doctors, teachers, nurses and nannies. While parents sleep miles in space, Shenda and Borva taught them about the universe they traveled through. When the parents waked they trained them to operate and keep their world moving forward. They slept half the time and procreated enough to keep their clans populated. Their own future was uncertain. There were plans to get humans to these worlds waiting to be inhabited but not so much for when they arrived.

The first born believed it was up to those who made it to their new worlds to decide how to move forward. They would elect their leaders and make homes where they decided. All the mistakes of the past would fade away in the fifty years it took to get to the new worlds. There were hopes that all the wrong moves that forced the human population to leave Earth would be left in the darkness of space. It was the job of the Shenda and Borva to monitor the trends of social interaction but never to interfere. Meddling would be frowned upon and punishment could be harsh depending on what clans were involved.