I hate spiders. They are more sneaky than cats and seem to always show up at the wrong time. Growing up that time was usually during the middle of the night potty run. Sitting there with the only light a small night light like the ones spread out through the house I’d tried hard to concentrate. It wasn’t spiders I worried over but the various other evils that lurked around our old farm house at night?

But occasionally that evil had eight legs and jumped like hell. Living in a small farm house that we’d say Jack built there were plenty of places for critters to enter the house. Spiders, mice and bats oh my, how did I ever sleep at night? Mice never stood a chance in a house of cat lovers and bats are for another story.

So as I sat so close to heading back to bed the ultimate show down would occur. It was versus the eight legged devil. It’s furry legs twitching waiting to pounce. I’d eye the door, so far away as if it zoomed further into infinity. This battle continued for years until I grew up and moved away.

I believed however that each and every spider had a connection their beady eyes seeing the same enemy, me. My philosophy tried and true, if you have eight legs and in my house your life is short. You are the enemy. There are no negotiations.

But this summer has been different because of Ass. That is, Ass the spider. Our back door doesn’t have stairs so on any occasion I’d open the door lean on the boards and look out at the backyard. Then one night I turned the light on and there he was. First instinct was for Rick to flush him out with the hose. His furry legs and big striped butt. Not sure how many days he’d been feasting on the bugs that starved for the back door light but he was huge and evil.

There was nothing I could do about him that night he’d get a break for now. I took a posted note and taped it to the door that said “Ass the Spider, ewe”

Well, weeks later, Ass and I are buddies. He still has his note to remind me of his existence and I have a better appreciation of nature as it moves from night to day. How eloquent Ass weaves his or her web each and every night only to retreat home during the day. Such a cycle like us just to make a living.

Such a change of heart with me that I worry each night that I will turn on the light and and Ass will be gone. Like something from Charlotte’s Web. I know a spider’s life is short so I will enjoy every moment with Ass and marvel in his life and beauty.

This is life even in such small scary packages. Now I’m not saying if you are a spider and cross my path you will have a free pass but I will think twice about squashing you, thanks to Ambassador Ass. So when your big alien brothers come calling, my other fear, they will give mercy, as I did šŸ™‚