For an instant the Byzantine snipers were distracted and caught off guard. Olive and the men had no intentions on attacking the snipers only to give them time to get past. The way to the transport ship carried them through the empty and crumbed streets of Danubi, once a beautiful city with beautiful people walking gently down the sidewalks. Olive only remembered the very end of this era of the Byzantines. Until then, humans of the other worlds had not tried to fight back against military ran government on Byzantine.

Olive was well aware that the humans knew of the atrocities on her home world for a very long time, even before she was born. Her life was never affected by this treatment of the lower class because she was born to the daughter of the highest controller on Byzantine. Her life was not all that easy, she was still sub-Byzantine, a child of a Byzantine woman and a human man. There weren’t many like her. When the first of inter-breeding occurred and realized that it was possible, it was immediately outlawed.

Upper level Byzantines thought this process of mating with humans to be below them, humans were a sub-race compared to the advanced Byzantines. But many women of the upper level Byzantine thought it was fun to have male humans as mates because they were beautiful and exceptionally vocal in such an eloquent way.

Olive’s mother was different. she had everything being the general’s daughter. She could have had any soldier or politician as a husband. But she fell in love with a man not the idea of having one as a pet. Her father was a leader among the human slaves that had been captured and brought to Byzantine. The UF had tried so many times to work with the Byzantines to bring human prisoners home but without any luck. This was why when she was a small child, the UF decided to stage their first attack. And this is where they were today, a war being fought by many sides for many reasons.