Amy was always late to work, late getting out of bed, late eating her breakfast and always late getting downstairs to get Steve up. Not like he was heading to work, but if Amy wasn’t persistent he’d stay in bed all day and think nothing of it. But he was a freelance magazine writer and had no boss or schedule to abide by.

Amy on the other hand had a real 8 to 5 job with a real boss. Not like the data stopped rolling while she was asleep at night, or the computers didn’t compute on their own. Amy was just there like all the other analyzers blinding themselves day after day throwing out information that truly meant nothing really. Pitching out the useless information crackpots spewed continuously onto the internet.

She was one of the few people however that believed that even that information had some meaning, crackpots were sometimes scientists who took a wrong turn along the information highway babbling on about things like the end of the world or destruction of mankind. Everyone had those thoughts sometimes how they believed the world had gone so very badly wrong.

Amy was no Harry Seldon wanabe or Nostradamus but you didn’t need to be some psychic to predict that the price of sustaining the human ways of living weren’t placing a delicate tear on the world.

Steve was already up and banging on Amy’s door before she had the chance to finish getting out of the shower. This was late even by her normal standards.

“You know you’re not going to make it onto the 9:00 train. Look at you, hair wet, no clothes put out, ironed looks like a sick day for you.”

“I wish I could, you wouldn’t believe the amount of data that has been pouring in. I’ve been there for five years and never have I been so swamped with repeat data like this. They were talking about working weekends and nights.”

“No, no, no. We have a date for the movie in the park on Saturday night. We’ve been looking forward to “War of the Worlds” for months. They are going to turn off most of the street lights and then point the floods down just like in the movie…..creepy, you can snuggle against me.”

“Okay we will have to see how today goes. Do you think Siam could give me a ride downtown, please give him a call, please, please, please.”

Siam was more than happy to take Amy down town, he liked the fancy ladies in their perfect clothes. Amy sometimes watched them from the hallway windows. They never looked up though, wondering what went on behind all those hundreds of blacked out windows.

Amy never talked much to Siam or Steve about what she did there. Most of what they did was on the internet. It use to be called webbot but that changed long before when it wasn’t censored by the feds. The department Amy worked for was called Nostradamus. She didn’t tell anyone that either, that would give it all away.