Olive could barely walk, each step created a constant pain that took over every muscle in her body. She didn’t want to slow the other soldiers down so she coped and kept moving. All she had to do was make it to the UF transport ship and off the planet. Going with the UF soldiers meant she could disappear for a while and get medical help otherwise she was useless to her men.

Olive refused help from the other soldiers,

“Every gun is needed to get us out of here including mine, we will meet up with some of my men, be aware that they are wearing Byzantes uniforms, warm clothing is hard to come by right now, plus we can move more freely through the city that way.”

“Do you have some sort of signal to know they are your men?”

“Not to worry, I will know.”

“You seem very confident for someone with two bullet holes in them, I mean the way you talk, like none of this is phasing you.”

“Understand Commander, I’ve been on this hole of a planet my entire life and fighting in secret against Kranov and his men for longer than you have been here, I’m tired and my men are worn out, I just want this over.”

Sev and Olive heard the telecom behind them, a report in from the transport ship.

“Commander they are leaving in one hour, we have to get moving faster if we are going to make it. Plus they are taking fire from snippers.”

Snippers were everyone’s biggest enemy. The Byzantes prized themselves on their abilities to concentrate and see far past any human. Olive was proud of her snipper abilities not being full Byzantes, her abilities always pissed the others off.

“When we get there, I will try and find the snippers even if it means your men get out of here without me.”

“I can’t do that Captain Kranov, my orders are to get you safe off this world, you and I both know you are now our key to taking the Byzantes by surprise, can’t do that with you dead.”

Olive looked down at her armor, one large hole pierced through nicely to the under armor below. The blood had dried where it seeped out of the hole. She tried to focus on the situation not on her state of condition.

They moved quicker now, after stopping briefly to communicate back to the ship. The part of the city the ship had landed was abandoned for sometime, most of it was rubble of a once great residential area. The UF soldiers had always marveled at the detailing that the Byzantes placed on everything they built. It was obvious though that there was a time in the past where form or function was prevalent a sign that at one time they were a peaceful species. Not so much now with their miltaristic compounds and bases.

The once fancy apartment buildings with their many windows and balconies made it easy for snippers to hang out waiting for some unsuspecting convoy to come through.

“There are too many places for them to hide. We need to split up.”